Character # 3

Just have fun is my life but with limitations, of course. I just don’t go around looking for fun and forgetting to take care of myself. I just love being happy and sometimes being too little dirty, exploring things, and do some not too good things that my conservative family will ask the Lord to put me in the right direction.

I belong to a very religious family and every Sunday we go to church to attend mass. I studied in Catholic schools, grew up with Christian values, and been raised to follow the words of God. Then, things change when I started working and I’ve learned a lot about the other side of the Christian world with different types of people. I never have the chance to visit the church or even say a prayer before meal or light a candle to ask God for forgiveness since I started working as I am living away from my parents to be independent and have no one to remind me that Sunday is Church day instead I ended up praying in a toilet bowl to stop it from spinning on Sunday dawn as the party continues.

When you’re a fresh graduate, no work experience, and have no idea about the world of suits people, you need to blend in and be in their world. And that’s how I started to do things that will be labeled as the ‘devil’s way’. Though, I did my first ‘devil’s way’ during my college days. 

Anyway, I am not going to talk about my family or my religion. But just a glimpse of my virginity days. My parents set up a rule that I am not allowed to have a boyfriend until they will allow it. I should marry first before I do have sex and the first person that I should have sex with will be my future husband. As I am an obedient daughter, I followed their rules but of course, I did a break-in and had my first boyfriend at the age of 16. Though we never went to second base. We just had kissed and not to a point of him going into the deep of the forest. I still believe, at that time, what my mother said that;

‘you can always start a new relationship, but you cannot bring back your precious virginity once you give it to a wrong person’.

Huh! If my mother just knows what I am doing now, it will give her a headache. Anyway, my relationship with my first boyfriend ended in a good way and we are still friends, best of friends and eventually, it is now friends with benefit. He’s handsome but should I say geeky if it’s the right term for a guy who loves science, robots, or cars. He collects robots, not the real ones, of course, collectible items. He said that if ever he will be lucky enough to be rich, he will collect different types of a real cars. As I’m not into that things, I never understand when he explained to me about the machine or the robot that Japan is well known for creating or the difference between Ferrari and other sports cars. He also loves fixing broken things and when I needed someone to fix me, he’s always the right tool I am looking for. Now, he is an Engineer and currently pursuing his master’s degree. I don’t know how many girlfriends he had, all I know is that he is still single or I think he cannot find someone who will understand his passion.

I had my first sex when I was in college with a guy I liked so much, and he was my first heartbroken. He taught me a lot of things. He was the one who taught me how to experiment with things, had tried the ‘devilish’ way in which my parents remind me every day not to do drugs or even drink ‘til you can see blood when you vomit. He was different from my ex-boyfriend. He’s athletic, belongs to a rich family, and every girl on the campus will scream their hearts out every time he walks in front of them. As for me, I guess I would say I’m pretty because I wouldn’t have the chance to date a famous college boy if I’m not. My ex is also handsome but this college boyfriend of mine has that charisma that lets you drop your undies without thinking. I never hesitated when he said we’ll do it on our first date. Damned, I forgot I was supposed to be a conservative girl and had to preserve my precious diamond. I just give in without thinking. Then, I found out that I was not the only one he was dating at that time. I was so heartbroken and regret everything. But then, my first ex said, that’s life and learn from it. After, I never had serious relationships. I just play around and swipe another page for another adventure.

I walked in front of a receptionist and told her, ‘I am here for a job interview’. She accompanies me to a waiting room. I looked around and there were 10 applicants. Because I am always confident, that’s what my college ex-boyfriend told me to always be confident no matter what happens and I just think about it, he’s over-confident even though he’s not that smart and only had the chance to get his degree because he’s rich, I smiled to everyone in the room and started my friendly posture and talked to them. And then the secretary called my name and I introduce myself to three people sitting in front of me, two women and one handsome guy.

‘Hello, my name is Annie. And it’s nice to meet you all.’ 

And the interview goes on and after a couple of interviews, I got my first job. During my interviews, I observe everyone in the office, how they work and if the environment is good. I keep on raising my head to their tables to check what kind of officemates I will be working and suddenly a guy looked at me and smiled. Of course, I smiled back and said to myself,

 ‘oh, handsome guy, a prospect of my body’.

But sadly, to say, he’s in a different department so I hardly see him at work.

My adventures in the world of working people start the day I was hired. 

~~ to be continue ~~

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