Most common Japanese words I use in a Japanese company.

Today’s blog is about Japanese words I often say or used when talking with my clients.

I am not that fluent in Japanese though I can speak and read easy Kanji. I’ve been working in a Japanese company for already 10 years and today is the day I was hired, which was on February 11, 2011. I’ve been traveling to Japan for the past years until the pandemic occurred last year. Because of the pandemic, I am currently working from home and I can’t travel.

So here are the Japanese words and their English counterpart:

  • おはようごじます
  • こんにちは
  • はい
  • 分かります・分かりました
  • お疲れ様です・お疲れ様でした
  • ありがとうございます・ありがとうございました
  • よろしくお願いします
  • 明日
  • なぜですか?
  • そうですね
  • おめでとう
  • すみません
  • ごめんなさい

Most Japanese nowadays can speak English especially those living in the City area. Though not as fluent as those living in an English-speaking country, they are trying their best to accommodate foreigners (whether tourists or workers) in Japan.

Japanese people are very polite and considerate to other people. They are very hierarchical and respective towards their senior. They are highly organized people, and their surroundings must be clean, they follow the 5S.

I am lucky to have met good people in Japan. Though most of our clients that I interact with were already around ’50s, they usually adjust to me but not most of them. Some don’t want to talk to me because they don’t know how to speak English. Most Japanese are introverted people and I like it because I am one also. One of my mentors said that even though Japan is being described as a safe country, I should always be careful and lock my doors because there is always the bad one which is common in every country. In one of the hotels I stayed in, there is a note posted in the door to always lock the doors.

Tokyo is quite overpopulated and very crowded, especially in the train station. When I and my sister went last 2019 to celebrate my birthday, my sister did not like using trains as transportations, especially during working hours because the trains were so jammed and packed. We must wait until late hours to ride it or change to subways to avoid being squeezed. I am not so familiar with the subway as I don’t usually use it. JR lines are the most convenient because it connects to a lot of tourist spots.   

These are the words I used when strolling around Japan:

  • どこですか?
  • 高いですね・安いですね
  • 英語ははなしますか?
  • 日本語は少し分かります。
  • いくらですか?

Hope it can help you when you travel to Japan. I will update once in awhile about Japanese words, please wait for it.
All of these are based in my experiences. So, if I wrote wrong information, I am happy to hear it.

This is Ringo.

See Yah!

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