I am broken

【Just a short post】

Oh no, not again, she said. If I can just say bad words, I will. And she continued talking to herself.

I am just looking at her and wondering what’s wrong with her. She’s facing her laptop, I thought she’s talking to someone online but no she’s not. She’s just talking to no one. She says a hundred words in a minute, words she can’t say in front. She wanted to say any curse words but because she wants to be professional, she has to fake her smile.

After a couple of hours, she would say, I give up. But then she continued doing her thing as if she’s not in a bad mood. She said nothing good is happening in my life. Yet, she’s still not giving up on what she’s doing. She keeps on asking God what her purpose is. She’s sad but she could still laugh. I thought she’s crazy.

 It seems that her soul is wandering somewhere. She couldn’t find it. Then she utters another word I couldn’t hear properly. She is pissed. She’s punching the air. She’s cursing an unknown individual. Then she stops and she said, oh no, today is a holy day, it’s holy week. And she rolled her eyes and stared in a universe that’s too far from.

Until we both look at each other and I saw myself talking in the mirror.

Its only a short post for today. I’m quite not myself lately. I’m just broken.

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