My Monthly Report

Today is the last day of March. So, I will do my monthly report. Anyway, this week is Holy Week or Semana Santa so I have a few days off which means more work on the day before the holiday and today is the last day for this week, I glued myself in my chair for more than 10hours just so I could have a nice long weekend without worrying about work. 

So, what happened to me this March? 

For my blog, I upgraded my WordPress site to premium in which I kind of regret. I don’t know why. My blog is more on my stuff, my thoughts, my story, and my inner self which I could express what I want to say or what I want to do, compared to the other-self I showed in front of people, to my family and friends. It’s the inner me or maybe the hidden me. I am active in writing which is the other side of myself and a lot of people don’t know about it.

I want to improve myself in writing.

I want to write the things I couldn’t say because every time that I talk, I couldn’t find the correct words to express. I’ve been reading some blogs and I was enticed by what they say. They talk about quality content, niche, best keyword, traffic, audience. And I thought, let me try it. Then, after I upgraded, my inner self had a realization and had asked myself, what do I want to achieve? Why did I upgrade my blog? Monetization is one of the reasons but again, I need to write quality content that could gather an audience, collect traffic which is not my goal.

I blog because I love to write. I write to learn new things.

Maybe in the future, I could fulfill one of my hidden dreams, which is to be an author. Maybe one day, I could write a book. Cross my fingers. 

Aside from upgrading my WordPress, I was torn between buying another domain here in WordPress or other sites because I need to have other options. So, I chose to buy a domain in Google. It took me a couple of days before clicking the buy button. Why did I decide to buy a new domain? It’s because I want to upgrade my BlogSpot account to have its name. My WordPress is for my writing while the other site is for my Japanese skills and new things I learn. I don’t want to mix it in one site. As of now, I am still fixing my site which is ;  

What else happens to me this March? Oh. The virus once again is making our country poorer than yesterday, and we are on lockdown again. That would mean, I can’t go home. I miss home so much. I am still hoping I could go home maybe in a couple of months and this virus will probably going to leave us soon. The world has suffered so much. We all need to heal together, so we could start afresh. 

Another thing is about the hate that is going around the west. I don’t want to name the country because, this is too political and I promised myself that I will not get involved in any politically related content but then, I watched a video a while ago about a woman being beaten by a big guy while there were other people around. The worst thing was the guard (I think) just close the door and did not help the woman. It is totally sad. I hope whatever misunderstandings we have with each other, we could fix it together.

The last thing, I am broken. But I am fixing myself now. I tried to remain optimistic, but there are times, I couldn’t stand still and hold my tears. Yet, I am still here. I am trying to be happy and hoping to be happy and will remain happy and hopeful that things will get better.

That’s all for today or tonight. 

 Keep safe everyone. 

 This is Ringo

 See you soon! 

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