The night she can’t forget

Oh, the sun is bidding her goodbye.
Making way for the moon to light the dark sky.
She stared at him for a minute.
He stared back smiling.
They start the night chilling.

Oh, the moon witnesses it all.
How happy she is drinking alcohol.
She just had a tough day.
The day had her mind running like prey.
Hunting for something to ease her pain.

Oh, that smile, so beautifully captured her breath.
She raised her glass for another shot.
Still staring at him giving him the sign.
Flirting, like she’s in her teens.
Telling herself she’s a queen.

Oh, he makes his move on her.
And she’s happy to give in.
Started it with a whisper.
She ended it laughing like she never had it before.
It’s the night they can’t ignore.

Oh, the door said Exit.
They compel like it’s bait.
He’s too pale and cold.
Yet she never cares.
She likes it when he glares.

Oh, he kisses her on the neck.
She gives him a soft laugh.
She’s loving every moment.
Even so, he does have a different scent.
She can smell it, but she brushes it aside.

Oh, the moon gives her the warning.
But she snubs it like it’s nothing.
She’s having her moment in a dark alley.
Ignoring the danger, he carries.
A sudden wind hit her cheeks.

Oh, she wakes up late.
Not knowing what happened that night.
She opens her window, but the sun is hurting her.
She can’t open her eyes.
The sun is burning her skin.

Oh, she holds her neck.
Two scars left like someone bit her to death.
She becomes less human.
As the sun is bidding her goodbyes.
And the moon is shining brightly in front of her.

Oh, the thirst for blood is haunting her.
Not understanding what is happening.
She crawled back to her bed.
Remembering everything in her head.
It is, indeed, the night she can’t forget.

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