My thoughts about WordPress and Blogger

My thoughts about WordPress and Blogger

Recently, I bought my new domain using Google as I’ve said to myself that I need another option when it comes to blogging and I don’t want to mix my WordPress blog with that of my Japanese lessons. Google domain is cheaper than comparing it to WordPress domain, but it doesn’t have a host and needs a lot of work.

Google has free sites like Goggle site and Blogger. I intended to use my new domain in blogger. I’ve been with blogger for more than 10 years and I thought I already know everything about it, but I was wrong. I used the free blog which has ‘’ on it for quite some time. When I started using Blogger, it’s quite easy as I don’t need to make it look so professional because my blog was not a business-type blog. I don’t have any knowledge of themes, blocks, or plugins before until I switch to WordPress.

In WordPress, when you upgrade your site, you can just plugin some tools, have nice themes and it’s easy to use. Blogger does not have it. Though Blogger has simple themes, it’s not as good as WordPress. You need to use HTML or CSS which is difficult for me because I am not good at it and I cannot understand the language of a computer. As I’ve stated before, my HTML, Java and Visual Basic were all basic knowledge and I have to rely on my sharp eyes to know what code I need to input, thanks to my friend who helped me see what code he was putting. Also, when using Blogger, I needed a third party’s help and most of them, I need to pay for subscriptions.

I also have a problem with blogger because the FeedBurner will be available until July 2021 only. It’s hard to find the best subscription button. Last night, I sign up to Mailchimp but when I tried using the subscription button, it’s not easy to use compare to the FeedBurner.

Though I haven’t used most of the blocks in WordPress, this is what I am looking in Blogger which it doesn’t have. Though Blogger has basic blocks like insert images or videos it’s not as broad as WordPress.

Buying a Google domain is cheap but using its free site, you need to invest in third-party sites to make it look so professional if you use it as a business blog. But if you use it as a personal blog and you don’t need some plugins, just basic themes, Blogger is a good site to use. And the end, I will be using my blogger site as a personal blog again.

For Google site, you need to start from scratch, as in you need to make everything from zero. When I’d tried using it, I was amazed at how easy I use it, but I need to invest a lot of my time in building my site. As I work full time, I said to myself, Google site is not good for me because I cannot just put all my time fixing, arranging, and thinking of the best design for the blog. I needed someone to do it for me which means I needed to hire someone who knows how to use the Google site and some CSS and HTML. In short, I needed to invest more money in it.

So, in my conclusion, it’s better to buy a domain that has a built-in hosting server even if it’s quite expensive especially if your blog is a business-type blog. For Personal blogs, Google free sites like Blogger and Google site are good to use. 

This is Ringo.

And See You Soon!

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