What I miss most about traveling to Japan?

What I miss most about traveling to Japan?

Before the pandemic happens last year, I usually travel to Japan for business trips twice a year for a week or more. The business trip schedule is not what I miss but what’s in between the trip. I usually arrived at Narita airport and depart from Fukuoka back to my country. My business trip is for meetings with our clients and meetings within the organization. Meetings can be boring and I just pretend that I understand it even if I did not. No, I don’t miss the meetings or talking with the clients or have a meeting with my boss. What I miss most is the convenient life Japan can offer, its peacefulness, cleanliness, and its beauty. My country is beautiful too but not as peaceful as Japan. I would say living in Japan is so convenient but it’s quite expensive though it is normal for a developed country.  

I’ve been to different places in Japan. I traveled from south to north and vice versa. I have seen the good and bad sides of Japan. My boss usually said to me that even though Japan is described as one of the safest countries in the world, I still need to be careful because Japan just like other countries, it also has a downside. There is no perfect country, no perfect people. Everyone makes mistakes and we have to make sure to not repeat that mistakes.  I guess my boss is right because I was in Japan during the incident when one person burnt down the building of an Animation company which was heartbreaking at that time. But that is not what I’m going to talk about here. I understand that every country has its problems whether it’s political or social issues.  I will be talking about foods, places, and nature. I am into greens though I love buildings, its architecture, nature is still the best.

I love traveling by car because I can see the scenery, the mountains, and its green field. I love the traditional Japanese houses especially the roof design. I cannot take my eyes off the design of their roof. It’s a beautiful design. Though in my work, I do the layout of Japanese houses, but it’s already the modern style design. Nowadays, because my job is at the managerial level already, the only chance I could see Japanese houses is when I travel to Japan but I do miss the making of Japanese house floor plans, the interior, and thinking of what would be the best exterior wall color. I do miss the house presentation, the rendering, and the estimation.

Another thing that I miss about Japan is the food. I was a trainee in Japan way back 2012 and 2014 and those years I was in Japan, I had gained so much weight that until now I couldn’t go back to my 40+ weights kilo. I guess it’s my mistake too because I don’t like physical exercise. I’m good at dreaming that I exercised but make me do it, oh no, a bad idea. But anyway, let’s talk about the food. It’s awesome and very delicious. I love Tonkatsu and Curry but almost all the foods in Japan are what I am craving now. Their menu set is the best. I will try to post pictures of the food as much as possible. Even their 7/11 or any convenience store, has a lot of delicious foods. Oh, I love their desserts too, not too sweet and not too bland, just in between. How I wish I could go back to Japan now.

In between meetings, I usually have free time or sometimes if it’s a long drive, my boss would always treat us to go to some tourist spots but mostly about Japanese culture, their history, and architectures. I’ve been to different tourist spots and I can’t remember all of them anymore. But what I like the most is the temple, shrine, and castle visit because I love their structures, the architecture, and how they preserve their cultures. I am always fascinated by their roof design. It’s so detailed and the carving is one of the best. Their landscape is also nice.

Spring and Autumn are usually my schedules to go to Japan which means greener, more flowers, more nature. Though I wish to go to Japan during Winter where there is snow but never got a chance to see snow, touch it and do a snow angel. I had the chance to be in Japan during early and late winter where snow was nowhere to be seen and I always tell my boss to give me a schedule where there is snow. I can only see the snow on mountains but I can’t touch it. Though he wants me to go to Hokkaido, he’s just worried I get stuck there and can’t go back to Tokyo because snow in Hokkaido is just so heavy and I told him, it’s okay with me but he still says no. I love cold weather. When I stayed in Japan early or late winter, I still turn on my Air-conditioning. Some of my colleagues say I have thick skin. I just love cold weather and I always say no if my schedule is summer.

Ah, I forgot about tunnels. I don’t know if I’m just weird, but aside from the scenery during a long drive, I like it when we drive to tunnels. I love tunnels. As much as I love the construction of bridges (which is one of my dreams, to construct and design bridges), the construction of tunnels is one of the things I want to know. Building Tunnels is expensive and needs a lot of studies, that’s what I want to learn in the future and I hope I can learn it.

2019 was one of the best years I had so far because I traveled with my sister to Japan though that was our vacation and not part of the business trips. Also, because in 2019 I got to visit Disneyland again, Universal Studio Japan again and I got to visit Fuji-Q Highland. I got to visit the Naruto Village. I was just happy kiddo. Though I did not ride any attractions, I just enjoy the Naruto Village and allowed my sister to ride all the attractions she wants, alone. I’m a Naruto fan so the Village was my comfort place because Fuji-Q has those scary roller coasters and I’m not a fan of it.

Lastly, I just miss going to Japan, riding trains, buses. I know during business trips, I always complain about how stressful it was, I keep on walking, heading to this place and to that place, travel here and there, and sometimes I fall asleep on long hours on the train, but I still miss it. It’s already a part of my normal life. Then, the pandemic came and it is still causing a lot of problems around the world, all I can do now is to get my phone, browse it and look at each photo. The things we complain about almost every day, if it’s gone, we sure going to miss it.

All Photos are throwbacks, from 2012 up to 2019. I am not a Photographer, so please forgive me if the angle is wrong or not a good shot. I cannot upload pictures of Tunnels because all the photos I have are all dark.

This is Ringo.

See You Soon!

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