Thinking about the Future

Thinking about the Future.

Recently, I watched the movie ‘Back to the future’. In the sequel, Doc Brown and Marty traveled to the year 2015 to save Marty Jr. The movie is about Marty helping his son and the ‘2015’ was created from the minds of Zemeckis and Gale. I will not write more details about the movie. I am just thinking of what will happen to our future, 30 years or more from now. In the movie, the year 2015 was different from the real 2015. I mean, there were no flying cars as far as I can remember way back in 2015. Though, our 2015 we saw a lot of developments from the years of study and the evolution and innovation of technology.

If during the 1980s, they already perceived or think about what the future can be, how about us? Will there be flying cars 30 years from now? Or people will start to fly or will be teleporting? Or everything will be controlled like robots? I will be in my late 60’s at that time. I may, if given a chance, alive to witness the future. Though, all I can think now is I will be a senior citizen at that time and will not enjoy it as much as the young ones whatever the future may look like.

Some movies predicted the problems we will encounter in the near future especially the virus. Other movies showed us how dangerous nature can strike back and destroy the world. This is a reference to the current global warming. Will our world turn into the world of transformers in the years to come? Right now, we have AI’s that thinks and mimics human actions. I wonder whether the terminator will once again say his famous line, ‘I’ll be back’, 30 years from now.

Thinking about the future, there may be zombies or an apocalypse because of maybe, human error or politician’s hunger for power or that ambitious rich man who wants all the money of the world, created the virus that infected the world, and we all going to either be a walking dead or a survivor for the future of the world and they will portray it as a weapon for mass destruction because the world is overpopulated and cannot sustain the needs of everyone. Or maybe, our scientist right now may or may not invent sleeping-like pills that will allow us to sleep and wake up after 30 years from now where we could still retain ourselves and youthfulness. Or they may study human cloning and perfected it in the years to come. Or maybe, some experts and some businesspeople who want to control the world are already preparing for another Noah’s ark for the end of the world. We may or may not know what other people are thinking right now whether they think for the good of everyone or self-reason.

As the years come so fast, technology is also evolving. It is like the Covid19 that keeps on mutating to create new variants days after days and who knows when it will stop mutating. Are we ready for the future of the world? Or are we like 2020, unprepared for the virus that eventually stops our lives to live normally? Will the technology going to save the human race for the future of Earth? But the technology we have right now can’t even explain the spread of Covid19 and how to stop it. Yes, vaccines are now being distributed and rolled out to each country, but it doesn’t mean it will kill the virus. It will only prevent and protect us from getting the virus.

I may or may not believe in conspiracy theories but maybe someone already knows how to stop the spread of the virus but is silent about it because maybe, it will be used when the world is desperate to live. I mean, we can explore the space now but why can’t we explore more in preventing the virus to mutate and stopping it? Did we not learn from the plague that kills millions of our ancestors? Or are we just too busy appreciating the innovation of technology and forgot that this infectious agent called virus is not like any flus we have now and will harm and kill us?

 What do you think?

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