I tried to use my hands again

Because of boredom, I tried to use my hands again if I could still draw or not. I feel like I’m back to being a kid, just draw anything I wanted to. I like to draw as much as I love to write but drawing doesn’t love me. It is like a one-sided love affair. I forced myself into something I’m not good at as long as I don’t need to talk to anyone.  When I was a kid, aside from writing, I used to draw to get away from people. So that nobody will talk to me and I don’t need to start a conversation. I don’t have any artistic talents; I just draw anything to avoid using my mouth.

Before, I love to draw my paradise, my kingdom, just my world. I draw my dream house. I draw my dream building. I love flowers and trees. I love dot drawings. The only thing I couldn’t draw was and is faces because until now I couldn’t draw faces. I tried to draw it but it’s like I’m drawing aliens. Then I focus on drawing eyes. But I still couldn’t draw emotions. Then, I met people who were good at using their hands to draw. They have talents I couldn’t achieve. They were so good that I envy them when I was still in my teens. Then, I stopped using my hands to draw because my self-esteem was low at that time.

Now, it’s the opposite. I have built my confidence, but my skill in drawing is still not enough to showcase what I’d draw. Anyway, I thought of sharing my drawing because even though I’m not good at it, I’m still proud of what I have drawn. For years, I never used any pens to draw but instead, I write. For others who have talents in drawing, I know my drawings cannot be compared but I just love it. I even post it on my Instagram account though I have friends who are good at drawings, painting, have artistic skills, etc. I sort of want to delete my post because I felt so small compared to those who have the power of strokes and their imagination is above the sky but until now, it’s still in my account. I am so confident even though it’s mediocre work.

It takes a lot of practice to master one talent. So, I will keep on practicing and learning to improve. There is no age in learning as long as you are eager to learn and improve. #Fighting

This is Ringo.

See You soon.

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