【Short Post】 You were my home

You were my home.

In a couple of days, I will be traveling again.
Heading to the place I want to forget but I can’t.
A once-happy memory turned into nothingness.
Our story became worthless.

If I’d said YES and live with you, will it be worth it?
If I LEAVE, will you be going to stay a bit?
Are we looking in the same direction?
Or is it just a temporary affection?

I can’t even spell the word I once call home.
And everything that comes out becomes a bad syndrome.
Despite you were once my addition.
And I became your obsession.

I want to hear those words again.
Those words you can’t explain.
While I lean on your shoulder, you whispered HOME.
Indeed, you were once my home.

Ringo – April 5, 2019. The day I was so scared to go to the place I once call home.

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