My monthly Report

For May, I thought I could follow the calendar I made that I would post blogs more often and reach a 50-blog post. But I did not, or I cannot. I took off a break in WordPress because I cannot think of anything to write. Why? Because I was so worried. My mom had sent me a message about my sister. She was sick, days after we celebrate Mother’s Day and Mom’s birthday. Though, I celebrate it online as l live far from them. My mom said that my younger sister has the symptoms of covid19, and I can’t think of anything but so worried about them as I live hours away from them and I needed to take a plane to be with them and all the travel restrictions, I cannot just go home like I used to do before the pandemic started. I got angry and keeps on reminding them to always wear a mask. I’ve been monitoring her and told my mom to stay away from my sister for a while because we still don’t know whether it’s covid or not. But I thank God, it’s not. It’s just the normal flu. But we were so worried because she had a fever for more than a week. She’s fine now and I can breathe normally. 

This month, I’ve been active on my other site which is But I had to stop for a while because me being so worried. Now, I’m trying to go back to writing and blogging again. 

I also took an online class. Though, once again, I stopped for a while. I am learning a new language right now aside from the Japanese Language. I enrolled in a Spanish online class. Though, not enrolled with a fee because it’s a free class. But if I want to have a certificate, I need to upgrade my status. I can submit assignments, learn with other enrollees too, and being graded once I upgraded. The Spanish language is almost like our language as most words in our language are derived from the Spanish language because we were colonized by Spain for more than 300 years. But I did not learn it as it was removed from the school curriculum and I don’t know why and when the Government removed it. Anyway, my Father can speak and understand the Spanish language. That’s why I am so curious about it. Also, I was a student in some programs like Justice, Psychology, and rhetoric speech but I did not pursue it. I only attended the program for a week and got bored. Luckily, I did not pay for the upgrade yet. 

I think that’s all for my monthly report. 

Always take care, everyone. Don’t forget to wear your face mask. 

This is Ringo. 

See You Soon! 

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