The strongest Man I’ve Known

The man that is the pillar of the place I called Home.
The foundation that carries the weight of our existence.
The roof that gives us shelter and love.
This man is my Father.
and I call him Papa.

I am always his first Princess.
My mom is his Queen.
My brother is his little Prince.
My sister is his little Princess.

We are his Royal blood.
Born in ordinary life.
But we are his Treasure.

He gives us his name.
Raise us to be kind.
Taught us that love can heal a broken heart.
Discipline us to be dutiful.
That respect is for everyone.
He is our Father.
and we call him Papa.

He grew up poor.
But he serves his country so well.
He has to protect his country.

Sworn to his nation first.
Retired but will always be
A soldier forever.
They call him Sir.
We call him Papa.

He is our Father.
He is my mom’s King.
He is and will always be our Hero.
He doesn’t have any power
But his love for us and his country
is the gift powerful enough to defeat any Heroes.
And he is the strongest man I’ve known.
And I call him Papa.


and to all the Dad’s, Father’s, Papa’s
around the world.

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