Let’s go to the beach

Let’s go to the beach.

Today, I went out for the first time in a while.
I felt the sun touching my skin.
Even though I am not a fan of it.
Just for a couple of hours, I felt alive.
The sun is too bright.
Even if it’s hurting my eyes.
And hinders my vision.
I thank the sun for making me feel happy.

A lot of people I know misinterpret the reason why I don’t go out so much.
Why I don’t want to be under the sun.
Maybe it is a psychological problem.
But if I face the sun or walk under it.
I feel pain.
My head is in pain.
My eyes hurt so much.
My body becomes too weak.
It hurts so much that I just want to sleep to ease the pain.
But the pain prevents my mind to sleep.
The only pain that will make me see heaven too soon.

I wanted to spend a holiday on the beach.
Lay down on the shore, enjoying the beautiful sea.
Stay until the sun burns my skin.
As the mark of my swimsuit appears.
And some people say I hate the beach.
But they never understand how much it hurts.
Just being able to kiss the sun.
And I know, I am not the only one.

I prefer my room to be dim.
Even though my vision is poor.
I just don’t want to feel the pain.
Because if my head hurts, I wanted to break it to stop it from hurting me.

Yet, let’s go to the beach.
Just to unwind for a little while.
I’ll just endure the pain.
And pretend that my body is strong to handle the pain.

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