The modern sleeping beauty

The modern sleeping beauty

No! This is not Disney.
This is not about a princess,
Who was put to sleep for a hundred years,
Waiting for her prince,
To kiss her and give back her life.
She doesn’t have seven fairies.
Nor an evil god-fairy.
She was not born a princess.
Her name is not Aurora.
She’s just an ordinary lady.
Born in a middle-class family.
A commoner, as what the nobles will call.
She has her beauty,
Gifted by the genes of her family.

She was taught to be kind and loving.
She was well-trained to be strong.
She has her definition of wisdom.
She sees the real world.
Struggle and sacrifices are the keys,
To understand the difficulty of life.
She experienced the cruelty of the human race.
But remains forgiving.
As she was taught that hatred will not do good,
For the world to unite.

Yet it is too much for her to handle.
To keep on living.
As every night she cries,
For her sadness to vanish.
She’s not waiting for a prince to help her.
She’s waiting for her strength to fight back.
Bravery and confidence have left her body.
She saw the smile of her beloved,
Gone and forever faded.
Too much to carry on her shoulder,
The responsibility she cannot escape.
The world has gone mad.
Fools run the world.
This is not Disney.
This is reality.

She wanted to sleep forever.
Not in a hundred years.
But for a lifetime.
Too much stress, she can’t bear.
Too many sufferings, she can’t heal.
Too much voice, she can’t unheard.
Oh! The young lady wants to just sleep.
And never wants to be awakened.
To erase the pain.
To forget the wounds.
Inflicted by reality.

She becomes a modern slave.
Money is the diamond of life.
Humans become the toy of power.
She needs to preserve her beauty.
Her passport to walk with her life.
Her intelligence tells her to forget knowledge.
But to learn the sports of the damned.

She has to leave her soul.
And sold it for a spare plate.
She has to swallow her pride.
To have her buckets be filled.
To have her thirst be watered.
She has to kneel,
For her family to survive.
She has to be the shield,
To protect her valuable treasure.
Her smile and the laughter of her loved ones.
But if she could meet another fairy,
She only has one wish,
To sleep forever.

This is her story.
This is her version of sleeping beauty.
There is no gold to lay down.
No palace to hide.
She is no princess.
She is who she is.
Wanting to see the color of life.
Wishing she will sleep peacefully.

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