It’s September

It’s September.

And I’m Happy.
It’s my birth month.
I was born in this month on 19something, 30+ (double plus) years ago. And I’m excited.
I don’t know why but I look forward to September, not because I will be celebrating my birthday soon but I am just delighted it’s September.

I usually say ‘wake me up when September starts‘.

Some people get sad and they don’t want to celebrate their birthday. Others have birthday blues. I know celebrating a birthday means the increase of age and the decrease of life years. But for me, a birthday is a blessing like having a child is a blessing. Not everyone will have the chance to live to remember it and others does not have the opportunity to celebrate it. That’s why, I am grateful I could still celebrate it and lucky to have a chance to grow old (I think, laughs!).

In my country, when September starts, it means the start of Christmas. We call it the ‘BER’ season. Though, its not totally a season. Christmas decoration starts on September 1st and ends on the last of Epiphany or Three King’s day in January. Christmas songs start airing on the 1st day of September. It’s like an alarm clock to inform everyone that it’s Christmas.
Oh! That was the normal September until 2020 happens, and things have changed. It’s a gloomy and rainy 1st day of September. Curfew hours still needed to follow. Gatherings are still not allowed. But it is still a blessing to be alive.

I usually take a leave on the week of my birthday but this year, I will be celebrating it alone, two years in a row. I was planning on going home to my hometown but unfortunately, the 2nd dose of vaccine has been delayed due to Gamaleya’s Sputnik V’s shortage of supply. And until now, I am still waiting for the schedule and hoping I will have my 2nd dose before my birthday week so I could prepare the things I needed to be allowed to travel.

I think that’s all I could share for now as I haven’t updated my blog recently.

I’ll see you in the next blog.

This is Ringo.

Take care everyone.

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