My eyes obsession

My eyes obsession.

Please forgive me for sharing what I have drawn.
I love drawing different types of eye shapes and colors. I am not good at it but I am proud of it. I don’t have any skills in drawing or sketches, painting, or other related to arts. But, I just love to draw different types of eyes. I did this using the sketchbook app. I just wanted to try using an app and I forgot that I don’t have a stylus but it went okay, I think.

I love looking at people’s eyes so much.
But I don’t believe in love at first sight.
We have different eye shapes, eye colors. Some have small eyes. Some have round eyes. Either way, I am amazed how our eyes have been created differently and whether we believe in God’s grace or by scientific explanation, each of us has a unique eye shape and color.

I tried to draw people’s faces but I failed. I can only draw the eyes. I did try to draw Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) but what I have drawn was not him. I cannot even recognize my drawing. My apology for the creator of Luffy even though I love Luffy, I cannot draw him.

I remember drawing Koenma of Yu Yu Hakusho way back in 6th grade and my teacher did appreciate my drawing and I was so happy even though I was like an outcast in an A+’s class. Unfortunately, the Internet was not the norm at that time. No social media’s to brag. And that’s the last time I’ve draw faces. I think my teacher’s words were like jinx words. I was cursed by his words.

The reasons why I am obsessed with drawing eyes:

For me, eyes never lie. Sometimes, our brain deletes memories or we delete memories. Our heart sometimes denies our emotions. Our mouth can speak the untruth. We could always use our hands to distract or be the wall. We could sometimes be deceived by what we hear. But the eyes can see the unseen. The eyes can show us emotions. Even if someone is smiling or crying, you can always tell in their eyes whether they are what they portray.

I am not an expert in this field but being with people with different personalities, backgrounds, and statuses, I always observe and look at their eyes when they speak. Most of the time I can tell whether they are lying or not. Some are white lies while others had to lie to get the job done.

When I interview people, I always look at their eyes. Some tried to avoid my gaze. Some tried to reciprocate but eventually gives up. Though right now, it’s a virtual interview, that’s why it’s hard to distinguish whether a person is telling the truth or not. People can make a word shine like a diamond but their eyes show the darkness behind the word.

Most of the time, people are scared to make eye contact. I don’t know why. I always feel sad when a person is not looking at me when they are talking. When I first went to Japan, most of them, they don’t directly look at me when speaking or they avoid eye contact. At first, I thought they were scared of me. But eventually, I’ve learned that eye contact can be equal to aggression or being rude. Some of them are uncomfortable when looking directly at someone’s eyes. Eventually, I tried as much as possible to indirectly look at when a person is talking. But I still prefer looking at a speaker’s eyes.

Also, I once fell in love with someone who has lazy droopy eyes but is beautiful when his eyes smile and I call him my ‘Sylvester’ man.

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