My Assassin Man

I met a man,
Cold as ice.
Yet his smile melts my heart.
Hot as the sun,
But it freezes me when I look at his face.
I could only count the words he says.
He rarely speaks.
But I keep on falling off my chair.

My heart wants to shout.
How much I love this man.
When he works, his face looks like thunder.
As if he wants to kill someone.
Even though it’s his way.

But I love this guy so much.
His seriousness yet calm personality.
The way he stares, like a bullet.
Dangerous and deadly.
Makes my heart burns so much.
He is Mysterious, reserve, and silent.
Like a blade of darkness.
A sword that silently slashes my heart.

I don’t know why I fell in love with this man.
Maybe because of his handsome face.

But no, because he has a scary nature,
As others describe.
Yet, I never care.
I just love this guy.
My Assassin man.

Though I never wanted to die,
But I am willing to give my heart.
To this fiend man in front of me.
How can I tame this wolf?
who work so hard to be invisible.
And changes his name the next day.
I know his secret.
He never wanted to spill blood on his hands.
But he is the only one who can do the job.
Training every day to be a slayer.
He allowed himself to be used.

For me, he is still a good man.
Even if the law says he is not.
And if I could change him,
I will do everything to have his heart.

Until he pointed his gun in my face.
My world stops for a while.
Staring at his pretty but scary face.
His eyes are empty.
His face is cold as a beast.

This man, who once asked my name.
Makes me love him so much.

For the times we’ve been together,
He’s been deceiving me.
And I let him deceive me.
That he could also feel love.

The time we spent together.
All are lies.

Because I am his victim.
Paid to have me dead.
But I am still hoping

Even a little of little hope
That he knows my heart.

much I love him.

As I waited for my end,
I smile and he cries.
He still has his soul.
He still knows the word love.

He pulls the trigger into his heart.
And says,
I’m sorry.

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