Should I keep going?

Today, what should I write?

I’ve been reading my blog, checking the contents that I’ve written, and I just laugh at myself. Re-reading it, I never had a blog that’s worth someone’s time. The stories that I created don’t have an ending. I never reach the climax for my stories. It’s all introduction.

I wanted to continue with the stories I wrote months ago but I face the dead end already. If I am going to write a different plot, my unfinished stories will just be forgotten.

In my head, I have too many stories to tell. My problem is I cannot write it down or should I say, I’m too lazy to force myself to focus on writing.

I’ve created this blog for me to express myself more and through writing stories I made different types of people I could never be. I’ve created my alter-ego. A little bit narcissistic but yeah, I admit it.

I’m always curious about how a famous writer/author thinks. How do they write stories? What is their secret to being successful in writing novels?

My not-so-hidden dream is to be a writer but the only thing I could do is write a diary. Yet, I couldn’t even construct a paragraph.

Should I keep going? Or should I stop now before it’s too late? But if I stop, maybe I will regret it tomorrow.

On the other side of me:

I still haven’t finished reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton. I love reading about gods and goddesses. I just love it. And there are other books on my list that I need to read.

I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess.

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