Hey! Tell me!

As I closed my eyes, trying to clear my thoughts.
I saw you, once again, a blurry figure.
You were just standing there.
I wanted to see you so much.
I wanted to see your face again.
To draw your smile once more.
Make it as colorful as the field of tulips.
To remember your lips.
As beautiful as the stars above.
To cherish your words
As if it’s a meaningful poem.

Yet, I could only have your shadow
Your silhouette shines like the sun.

It’s too hot that I could feel my heart burning.
I don’t want to open my eyes
I don’t want you to disappear again.
Just how you left me a note.
Saying, you’ll be back.
But you never did.

Hey, I call your name in my thoughts.
I imagine talking to you.

The real you.
Hoping you will speak.
No! Just my thoughts of you talking.
Just Hello will be fine.
To ease my broken self.
Tell me, why you left.
My door is still waiting for you to close it.

Everything went into darkness.
I couldn’t find you anymore.

You’re gone.
Will it be forever?
Or should I wait until eternity?
How long will it be?
How many days shall I be here?
Is it years?
Can I gain immortality just for waiting?

Hey, I just wanted you to say a word.
Tell me what’s wrong.
Tell me I’m the worst.
Say that you hate me.
Say that you never love me.
That you were never happy with me.
I’ll accept it.
Even if it hurts.
Compared to being left hanging.

Hurt me with words.
So, I will never hope.
Help me understand.

So, I stop longing for your love.
Have the courage to end everything.
So, I can finally move on.
Hey! Please tell me the truth.
So, I can love myself again.


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