Sharing my ‘To-do List’

Its already been five days that I followed my ‘To do list’.

My recent behavior towards myself had cost me to forget what I want to do. I became lazy and sleepy. I accomplished nothing. I sink so low and allowed my emotions to kill my passion. That’s why I took a break for a while.

And since November 8, I am consistent in following my ‘To do list’. Though it’s too early to congratulate myself for sticking up to the task, I am still happy because I don’t always follow my plans. I just write it down and the next day, I forget about it. But this week, I was able to complete some of my tasks.

Here’s my ‘To-do list’:

To avoid being lazy, I told myself that I should write my thoughts every day. One to two sentences will be fine. Anything that I could think of. So far, I’ve succeeded. Three of my thoughts, I posted in my blog. While my thoughts last November 11 and 12 were inappropriate to share online because it’s about my work and my emotion on those days.

I also went back to studying the Japanese language. There is a standardized Japanese test for non-native speakers called the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT. There are five levels of JLPT, N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1. N5 and N4 are the easiest tests, while N1 is the difficult one, almost like the level of Native Japanese. I think my level is N3 before the pandemic. But now, it’s already in N5-N4 level as I already forgot almost all the Kanji. That’s why I put in my ‘To do list’ the exam I make for myself every day. So far, I am still in N5 Kanji and the result is astonishing as I passed my exam. LOL.

Then, another To-do list that I am still not consistent with is reading books that I bought recently. But, I made sure that I will read it. Maybe I will input the time limit in reading, like 1 hour per day. Let me think about it.

Last time, I enrolled in a Spanish lesson online but unfortunately, I only attended it without making an effort to learn the language and I also did not take the exam. I wanted to continue learning it but it’s hard because I don’t use it every day. Unlike the Japanese language which is part of my work, learning the Spanish language is as difficult as studying N3-N1 Japanese characters.

Lastly, updating my blog site. I have two sites but I am more active in WordPress. Though, I am still balancing my time between my two blogs. That’s why it’s difficult for me to update it every day. I don’t want to make excuses anymore because it will only make me lazy again. I already wrote some ideas for my stories but I still haven’t started them because I think I need to learn more and read a lot of books for me to create stories that are worth sharing.

I’ve created my ‘to-do list’ to cure my laziness and not to be a sleepyhead again especially now that I am still working from home. I have my distractions though, like watching Anime (especially One Piece), Netflix and playing Mobile legends. But I made sure that I will follow my list. (Cross my fingers)

Right now, I am still trying to fight off my lazy thoughts. But as the famous KitKat tagline says:

Have a break, Have a KITKAT.

I still take it easy though, not putting too much pressure on myself because it will be difficult to fight against my inner self over and over again.

How about you?

How can you motivate yourself?

How can you overcome your laziness?

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