How do you make God laugh?

And they say,

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.
(A quote from Woody Allen)

When I heard about that quote, I asked myself whether God keeps on laughing in heaven every time I tell him my plans. May it not be, my job career in heaven will be as a comedian, making God happy all the time, making him laugh with all my plans.

I am the type of person who makes and writes plans but never follows them. I have Plan A and Plan B but neither of these plans I will follow and I’ll just forget about it as if I never had it. It is like God is telling me my plan is not good and he will then say his Plan C is better.

There were too many circumstances in which my plans were either rejected or diverted. At one point, I wanted to pursue my master’s degree yet the moment I wanted to share it with my management, I needed to shut my mouth and double my work because we were short of hands and I need to fill the empty spots so there will be no interruptions with the year-long plans.

I don’t know whether I am in the right place as what God wants me to be or not but I wanted to leave this place as much as possible yet I am still here. Is this the place where God has sent me or is it because I am still unsure if leaving will be best for me? Well, the answer is clear, I needed to stay because I am hesitant to leave. I have asked God a lot of questions about whether my decision for staying is right or not. Though God never say anything as I wait for his answer, I already know what his words because I am still sitting in the chair that I sat in since the day I signed my name.

I also have this one particular plan that I am longing for and until now, it is the plan I always wanted to accomplish but I guess that plan is not good for me as I keep breaking every piece I could gather.

But I know, God will give his blessings when the right time comes. It may not be now, but there will always be tomorrow.

This is Ringo.

I will see you again next time. Have a nice day everyone.

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