A memory

Memories filled my wall.
A souvenir that once catches my fall.
A recollection I could not forget.
A token I don’t want to object.

I wanted to re-paint my life.
To have a beautiful rainbow.
Colorful and vibrant.
A new shade for my eyes

And write a motivational word on it.
To invite me to erase heartaches.
Writing my favorite lyrics.
Yet, I always have my tears.

As I hear the music I once loved.
Played in my background.
Remember the moment I once dance.
Having you smiling and proud.

And we filled the dance floor with hearts.
Flying around with everyone.
Like how Cupid throws his arrow.
For two people to fall in love.

But cupid’s arrow didn’t last long.
It vanishes, never again appears.
Just like that, you said your last words.
Simple but it made my hearts break.

I waited for the music to stop.
A song that hurts so much.
My once favorite becomes my sadness.
Just like how you become a memory.

That entirely filled my life.

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