I ended the story!

Have you ever loved someone you can have but you think you are not worth it for him?
Both of you love each other but you know in your heart, he is better off with someone else.

He has this friend, both of them, think of each other as just friends. They’ve been friends for a long time. People around them think that they are perfect for each other but their relationship is just friends or like a brother and sister. They know each other’s secrets. They could be friends. They could be enemies. They compete with one another. She is that one friend he would call when he needs someone to talk to. He is that one friend who will always protect her. They have a beautiful story. On every page, in every chapter, their friendship keeps getting stronger. It is irreplaceable. Two beautiful people who can be husband and wife but they created their destiny as best friends and enemies.

Then, your chapter started rolling. You become his. He becomes yours. His friend becomes a side character. You both love each other. In many pages of your story, there are times of sadness but the best part is when both of you are happy and in love. Just the two of you. He is the person you prayed for. You are the person he has always dreamed of. There are times both of you cried yet remain with each other’s side. You packed your things and were ready to leave yet he closes the door before you could say goodbye. He keeps on holding your hands even when you want to let him go. There are also moments when he wants to give up on you but he stays. For all your jealousy, you being paranoid, he understands. He loves you more as the pages of your story keep getting longer.

He put a ring on your finger and ask you to marry him.

And you said ‘Yes‘.

Yet, why are you not happy?

Because you know, he will always have a special place for his friend. You look at them, the way he smiles when she laughs, the way they talk with each other, the way they stare, you ask yourself whether you are the antagonist of their story. That you are the obstacle they must conquer. That your pages are written for them to realize that they are a match made in heaven. Just by looking at them, standing side by side, you see how they are suited for one another, perfect for the lovely story.

And you, the opposite of her.

Yet, he chooses and loves you as his future wife.

You become his friend’s friend. You become the third party of their friendship. You smiled at her but you always have that feeling she is better to be his wife than you.

Why are two people so similar to one another, choose to be just friends? And the two of you, who are so opposite, fall in love and promise to be together forever?

Are you going to write the ending of your story and erase her existence? Or will she be just a side character to make your story exciting? But how long will you accept that she is just his friend and that he loves you more?

—> So, I ended the story of them being just friends because, in real life, there is No happy ending. Or should I say, I don’t believe in a Happy ending? Because I am bitter for not having one. LOL. Anyway, this is my story. Whether I want it to have a happy ending, it will always be the other way. Sad but its better to end the story!

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