Merry Christmas in advance

Merry Christmas in advance.

I am just dropping by to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration in advance. Hopefully, I can write something this December.

December is usually a busy month. There are too many holidays and too many work/projects to finish before the year ends. That’s why I am fixing my schedule for me to update my blogs. Though, I still don’t know if I can. Cross my fingers.

Also, this year, I still don’t know where to spend and celebrate the Christmas holidays. Hopefully, I could go home and spend it with my family. But, because of the new variant, (Oh no! until when will this crisis ends!) I think I’ll be alone again this year, two years in a row. How sad.

If I can go home, I’m going to meet my new fur-sister and my sister’s cat. And one of our fur babies is currently sick. I hope and pray he will be okay. He is currently in the vet due to a blood infection and is still weak. It’s been almost two years, I haven’t seen our fur baby boy. That’s why I am hoping to go home.

But Christmas is a happy season, so let’s spread love and positivity.

This is Ringo.

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