Hi and Hello

It’s been a while since my last post.

Anyway, I’m home for a while now as I am still on a work-from-home set-up.

This is my longest stay with my family since I was 16 years old, I guess. Though during my school years, I could go home anytime I wanted, it was different when I started working miles away from home.

I’ve been living alone for years now, though I always visit my family for just a couple of days, usually during Christmas and New Year Celebrations. And left for work again. But now, I’ve been with my family for more than a month. Yehey!
The last time I went home was 2019 and I only stayed to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Then 2020 happens, I just stayed in my cave for the rest of the year, hiding from a virus that has a name but is still an unknown culprit. I stayed for too long hiding, and when I look at the calendar, it’s 2021 already.

And now, it’s 2022 and I am home.

Yet, I got sick, as in sick, not emotionally sick but physically sick. I guess my body just loosens up when I am home. I don’t usually get sick; emotionally, yes, but not physically. Cough and colds were my usual distractions, but I never had a fever that forced me to stay in my bed for too long.

I don’t know how it happened, but one Friday morning, just when I started working, everything just felt weird. I thought it was just a migraine, yet it was more than just a migraine. For the first time in years, my temperature was so high, and I had to stay in bed for the rest of the weekends. Though, I continue to work on workdays despite not being fully cured. Some of the symptoms of the new variant were written on my face the moment my mom checked on me. Luckily, it was not. We were so scared yet at the same time, relieved. That’s just one thing that had happened to me, and until now, I still have cough and cold and my voice is still not as good as during my pre-sickness years. And recently, I also have had dental problems. woooh!

For the years of being alone, I avoided getting sick but now that I am home, they also went home with me. Though it’s a nice feeling being taken care of by my mom after years of just me tending to my needs, I was worried I might transmit it to my mom or my siblings.

We always need to take care of our health and it’s an important aspect when living alone. It’s hard to get sick and no one will assist you (Of course, family and friends will always be there and will travel the world just to be with you) but it’s still difficult to be sick alone.

Let’s all take care of ourselves and our health.

Have a nice day everyone.

This is Ringo.

See you soon!

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