Fruits in Japanese

Let’s talk about Fruits in Japanese くだもの (果物) is Fruits in Japanese, read as ‘Kudamono’. It can also be translated in its Katakana soundフルーツ (Furu-tsu). You can check on my blog the Japanese of Fruits: Fruits in Japanese Pictures of each fruits with its Japanese names are in this link: Pictures: Fruits in Japanese This is Ringo. I'll … Continue reading Fruits in Japanese

Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Week 6 ひ(日)Day / Sun You can check it on my blog: Word of the Week This is Ringo. I'll see you soon.Note: I will be focusing on learning Japanese language but I'll write soon. When is soon? I still don't know.

Tech Gadgets Name List in Japanese

A gadget is defined as a mechanical or electrical device. Most gadgets are now AI-based gadgets. Even children have one or more gadgets, from inexpensive up to the most expensive gadgets. ガジェット is the Katakana sound of Gadget. You can read it through my other blog: Tech Gadgets Name List in Japanese