About Me.

 This is Ringo,  


I am a frustrated writer. And writing is my only outlet. When I am angry, sad, and broken, writing is my only friend. You can read all about me through my other blogs:

Write and Sleep

Write and Learn

Write and Work
(on going)


I am a full-time employee but as I grow old and weak, I got tired and want to just end everything. I promised myself that two years from now, I’ll be leaving this world and will be saying my farewell. No more pain, no more heartaches, no more life. There will be no tears to fall. And my name will disappear forever, and no one will remember it.


I am a frustrated writer. I love writing anything but mostly if I am sad. All my writings are purely personal. I write mostly about myself as this is a personal blog. So, the purpose of this blog is to express what’s inside my head that nobody knows.


It’s hard for me to express what I am thinking through voicing it out. Writing is like my voice. I can express everything through writing because I am not good in talking. I’m a listener. Wait! I am a PICKY Listener. I only listen if I want to. That’s how stubborn I am.  


I started blogging (free site only) during my college days (that was 20 years or so ago) to follow my favorite Japanese Idols. As I am just a poor college student, I cannot afford to buy my own domain. Also, because I don’t know how blogging works before, I just want to express my admiration for my favorites. When I started working, I found out that I can earn through blogging but because I was building my career, I had to focus on my work, and I forgot about the blogging world. I should focus on it when my brain still works properly. Now, I am already nearing my old age, I am back with blogging.

 This is Ringo.

Welcome to my Blog!