Hi. This is Ringo.

88cf4dd4-2584-4244-831d-3ce42cefaf12-11983c58-6159-4c23-813c-4d5e5baf666d-v1Welcome to my page.

I don’t know if you will be going to love my page but please enjoy.

I am a frustrated writer. I love writing anything but mostly if I am sad. All my writings are purely personal. I write mostly about myself as this is a personal blog.

I am a full-time employee. I work in a Japanese company. I manage two blogs (this one and my BlogSpot) and I have multiple social media accounts. 

I don’t know whether this is the correct way of expressing myself as I don’t like talking to people about complaints, heartaches, disappointments, my happy moments, and more. Though I shared some of my accomplishments or my experiences with other people, I notice they don’t care so I just keep my mouth shut. I usually just work my asses off and let my work speak yet I received no appreciation but it’s okay, I am used to it.

I started posting my works in BlogSpot but because I actively post my way of studying other languages, that’s why I had to stop posting and I will be focusing here on WordPress.

It’s hard for me to express what I am thinking through voicing it out. Writing is like my voice. I can express everything through writing because I am not good in talking. I’m a listener. Wait! I am a PICKY Listener. I only listen if I want to. That’s how stubborn I am.  

I also love studying a new language if I have time. I can speak the basic Japanese language as it is a requirement for my job. I can only read Korean letters and nothing else. I started studying Spanish as my Father can speak the language but then I got too frustrated with my work and almost lost hope, that’s why I stopped for a while.

You can visit my page about my way of studying Japanese and others. For now, I focus on improving my Japanese knowledge. https://www.write-and-learn.com/

I also have a YouTube account. I shared videos about me studying Japanese. Though the quality of the videos is not so great as I am only using Microsoft PowerPoint, windows 10 free video editor, and Imovie of iPhone. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVCxhEETuSbLhjJvRyPxeXw

My favorite anime is Naruto. And if someone wants to talk about Naruto, I am happy to listen and talk. I watched it a hundred times.

 I also love Harry Potter. I read the book a hundred times during my college days, but I almost forgot some characters as it’s already more than 10 years since I read the book.

 I love Big Bang Theory though the terminologies they used were quite alien words for me, but I love Sheldon, that’s why I watched it.

I think that’s all about myself.

I hope, I can find an online friend.

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Though my IG accounts are not updated but if there will be something I could post, then I will post it.

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