Fruits in Japanese

Let’s talk about Fruits in Japanese くだもの (果物) is Fruits in Japanese, read as ‘Kudamono’. It can also be translated in its Katakana soundフルーツ (Furu-tsu). You can check on my blog the Japanese of Fruits: Fruits in Japanese Pictures of each fruits with its Japanese names are in this link: Pictures: Fruits in Japanese This is Ringo. I'll … Continue reading Fruits in Japanese


Japan’s Golden Week 

Japan’s Golden Week I am always excited when Golden Week is near. It's the time when our clients are on Holiday. Meaning - less work (lol). Let's check what are the holidays on Golden Week on the link below: Japan’s Golden Week This is Ringo. I'll see you on my other Blog.

A memory

Memories filled my wall.A souvenir that once catches my fall.A recollection I could not forget.A token I don't want to object. I wanted to re-paint my life.To have a beautiful rainbow.Colorful and vibrant.A new shade for my eyes. And write a motivational word on it.To invite me to erase heartaches.Writing my favorite lyrics.Yet, I always … Continue reading A memory