Thoughts for Today

I am trying to be thrifty as much as I can yet I bought something again today though its on my budget but I’m saving money in order to buy a domain so I could start making my own blog. I’ll just use the free one here in wordpress for awhile. I used to have a lot of blogs in different free site when I started using the internet and I already forgot about them. I used to blog about my fangirling stuff to Japanese idols. I was a crazy fan and even made some dedication letter. Those were the days.

I love writing but I don’t know if writing loves me. I remember when I was a teenage girl, I wrote this script for my imaginary play where I’m also the director. I don’t know if my mom read it when she cleaned my room so my sister could used it as her own room. Writing is like my hobby, my passion and my life. But my dream as an Engineer overpowered my passion. So, I ended up focusing on my work and only write if I’m sad.

I work in a Japanese company, a BPO company, so I must follow the Japanese work ethics. I learned about the work culture and tradition of a Japanese company. I can speak the language and read kanji but simply basic words especially if its about Japanese houses. I’m currently on a work from home situation which I totally love because I don’t need to follow some rules as long as I get up early and do my job and that’s it, I own my time now compare to work office situation which there are a lot of prohibitions and all. Sorry about it, I just realized now, despite I make the rules in the office, I like it when I have my own freedom. During the start of quarantine last year, I wanted to give up my work and start to work on my own, but I don’t know how to start and what to start and I also can’t go home in my place because of the lockdown. Yet, I’ve stayed in the company despite not enjoying some benefits other companies have and employees are not actually the priority. It is always the clients. I just look at the bright side and not think about how toxic it is now. I used to be proud of my job but right now, I only think of it as my needs because I need to finance myself and my family.

But anyway, I always look for positivity in every situation.

Right now, I just need to be stricter on my expenses so I can start my own blog. Yeheey!

That’s it for today. I write something I don’t usually share to anyone.  

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