My beautiful season

Last night, I turned off everything.
I close my eyes.
Cut off any communications.
It’s too early to fall asleep.
But I wanted to sleep peacefully.
Never bother to think.
Whether I wake up the next morning.
All I wanted, what is it again?
Oh! I forgot it already.

Recently, I was not feeling okay.
No! I am not sick.
There are too many things,
I couldn’t control it.
Too much baggage,
I cannot carry anymore.
It felt like I need to find something.
What was it anyway?
I don’t know.

They say I needed a new hobby.
I needed to get out of my world.
Find something differently.
When I found it,
It becomes my addiction.
Not in a bad way.
But it becomes my obsession.
A treasure I cannot resist.
Every day, I’ve done nothing,
But to stare at his face.
Staring at his beautiful body.
Then, he left.
They say ‘hobby’.
But I found a ‘hubby’.
Yet, he never stays.
I guess I should start in the abbey.
But I end up in the valley.
Feeling unhappy.

Where am I?
Somewhere, I couldn’t remember.
It’s too cold.
It must be winter.
How I wish, spring will come too soon.
Beautiful flowers will bloom.
Oh! The memory of cherry blossom.
How my heart is longing,
For that one season,
Where you and I enjoying the moment.
Just the two of us,
Under the cherry blossom tree.
But spring was too fast.
And the cherry blossom didn’t last.
Just like that,
You faded.

Then summer came
And you’re still not here.
I guess we’re both not summer people.
You may be just sleeping,
Or cooling off.
Until the hot summer disappear.
Just like the 5-minute fireworks,
That we both enjoyed,
On summer nights.
Your kiss swayed my heart,
That I forgot the beauty of the night.
And never pay attention to the firework display,
As the stars blended so well.
It was, indeed, a wonderful memory.
Of our last summer.

As much as we both love spring.
Autumn is our season.
Or should I say ‘was’?
We met on the eve of autumn.
The leaves start to change.
Green becomes red.
The trees are so beautiful.
They become like flowers of spring.
Your smile was like cupid’s arrow.
It struck me so hard, I fell to the ground.
Oh! we just bumped into each other.
Just like a fairytale, your face shines so brightly.
A prince that comes to rescue me.
The result of my imagination.
I was in a fantasy.
You were too busy picking up your things.
To even bother helping me get up.
But then you smile.
Our autumn story started.
And it ended on the last day of winter.

Then I wake up, without knowing
Whether it is still evening or morning.
Oh! I left my phone on my coffee table.
I just laugh so loud
While crying.
I’m sorry.
I am still not over you.
For the years we’ve been together,
You are always my beautiful season.

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